Cuprinscoord. Viorella Manolache
Dincolo de propagandă: un instrumentar istorico-politic al filmului românesc
ISBN 978-606-8030-99-9
Sibiu, 2011

     Romania: a small country at the periphery of Europe that for a long time seemed to be at the periphery of the cinematic world. However, what might have been true a decade ago is no longer so today.
     After the 1989 Revolution, suddenly all governmental restrictions were removed. Without doubt this was a true liberation of Romanian film from political indoctrination.
     The new wave of Romanian cinema began more than a decade after the December Revolution, exploring the current dilemma of a nation in transition from communist to market economy, from being in the periphery to becoming part of the global world.
     Films focus on „posing and transposing the Romanian world on the screen”, on everyday life in light of the new freedom of expression gained through and after the December 1989 Revolution.
     It is also a time of self-recognition, a time of reflecting not only the current nation but also the past.