Techno Media Publishing offers books for all levels of specialized training in various fields. Their authors, academics, researchers, specialists are famous guarantee of the scientific content of published works.
      All activities are performed within the company (design, desktop publishing, printing). The company has the necessary infrastructure for the work (computers, scanners, printers, printing machines) as well as specialists.
       Since its establishment, we started working in the editorial staff of the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu and Bucharest Publishing Teora. At the moment we can be proud of both typing with more than 3,000 titles and the pattern of numerous books and magazines, including being the beneficiaries of our work theory Bucharest Publishing House, Publishing House of Bucharest Niculescu, Gryphon House in Brasov, Sibiu Honterus Publishing, Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu Publishing, Publishing Transilvania University of Brasov, Sibiu Alma Mater Publishing House, General Secretariat of Government - Department for Interethnic Relations, University "1 December" Alba Iulia, Sibiu ASTRA library, Franz Binder Museum of Universal Ethnography Sibiu, Sibiu State Archives, House of Culture Sibiu Students, Teachers House in Sibiu, Sibiu GSCA Carol I National College of Sibiu Samuel von Brukenthal, Apoldu Lower Town Hall, and many men of culture in Sibiu or elsewhere.
      On the line we want to promote through this presentation, we have collaborated in the development of scientific books and courses with many academics, including Lucian Giura, Mihai Racoviţan, Vasile Ciobanu, Sorin Radu, Dan Smarandache, Sultana Avram, Gheorghe Pavelescu, Valeria Soroştinean, Gheorghe Manolache, Silviu Borş, Maria Sass, Vasile Ursan, Anca Sîrghie, Corvin Lupu, Graţian Lupu, Paul-Dănuţ Duţă, Vasile Tabară, Luminiţa Beldean, Sever Purcia, Ilie Crăciun, Nicolae Grigore, Ghiorghe Talau, Victor Boboc, Mihaila Romeo, Coriolan Brad, Dan Chicea.

       Sincerely and selected account,

       Manager, Nicolae Stancu